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Just a friendly reminder that Season 3 Steam/Season 1 PS4 will be ending today Tuesday February 29th at 00:00 UTC. (7:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM PDT)

Season Length
The season was three months long. December 1st - February 29th.

Avatar Rewards
Global Champion
The player who finishes in the #1 position on the Global Leaderboard will get a special 2016 Champion Jacket.
If you don't want to wear the jacket you can attach an exclusive champion badge to your name. Or wear both at the same time and assert your dominance.
The champ will also have their avatar's picture and name posted on the wall in VIP.

Leaderboard Champs
The player who finishes in the #1 position on any of the individual game leaderboards will get a unique jacket for their specific game. The Poker Champ will get a poker jacket, the blackjack champ will get a blackjack jacket...etc. These jackets will visually look the same but they will be embroidered to show which game they were the champion of. These jackets will also look different from the global champion jacket.

Top 10 Finishers
The players who appear in the Top 10 on any individual game leaderboard at the end of the season will receive a standard leaderboard jacket. This jacket will be embroidered with the game they placed 2nd-10th in.

Celebration Event
Later in March, we will be hosting a Leaderboard Winner only event in the Event Room. We'll have chip and clothing giveaways, chat and even have an informal Q&A.

As always, if you have an idea or feedback for us for the end of the seasons, let us know and we'll happily review them.

Are you ready to go All In? The Four Kings Casino and Slots is coming to PS4 on December 8th!

We are pleased to announce that the Four Kings will be available December 8th on the North American PlayStation Store for your PlayStation 4! A huge thank-you goes out to all those who signed up and participated in the closed beta. We really appreciate your help in getting the game ready for launch day, and look forward to seeing you in the Casino! New to The Four Kings Casino and Slots? This social MMO allows you to immerse yourself in a simulated casino experience. You will start off by creating a personalized 3D avatar that represents you in the online world. As you play, you will be rewarded with more extravagant and prestigious clothing to further customize your look. As soon as you enter the casino you will be able to participate in the most popular casino games like Texas Hold’em Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and more. The Four Kings Casino & Slots is a living, breathing world that is constantly evolving with new events, clothing, and games.

At The Four Kings Casino & Slots you can play at your own pace. You can socialize and play at low limit tables, or you can work your way into the VIP section and play for high stakes. The top ranked players at the end of each season in the casino are awarded with exclusive in-game rewards. Seasons last 3 months and the Number 1 ranked player will get their picture posted in the Hall Of Fame.

Download the game for free in the Playstation Store, and get the royal treatment at The Four Kings Casino & Slots!

Come one, come all! Witness the Greatest Slots on Earth!

We’ve added new slot machines to the game featuring a circus theme and an all-new bonus round. This game also has expanding wilds, giving you the possibility of huge wins! Check out Big Top Slots throughout the Four Kings, today!


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